Apollo CSM 1:48

Dragon issued several great model kits with the 50 years of Apollo 11 lunar landing celebrations. One of the is the Apollo CSM that was missing from my collection in the 1:48 scale. The kit required little extra detailing. The reflective effect of the command module is possible with construction market aluminium tape.


The Ares I crew launcher may never have become reality. But on October 28th 2009 we got a preview of what could have been reality. Since it did fly it qualifies to be in the collection. The kit was made based on the Real Space Models Ares 1 kit 1:144 with custom built upper space … Read more ARES 1-X

Mecury-Redstone 3 – Alan B. Shepard flight to space

Converted from a Jupiter-C Explorer 1 Revell classic kit this diorama depicts the Mercury-Redstone 3 (and Mercury-Redstone 4) launchpad with booster and capsule. The booster was converted from the original model, the launch tower was enhanced with the platforms’ details, most notably the cabins in the 3rd and 4th deck. The Emercency Launch escape system … Read more Mecury-Redstone 3 – Alan B. Shepard flight to space

Apollo 17

In light of the Apollo 11 anniversary I decided to build the Revell 1:32 Apollo spacecraft again after >20 years. This time with the use of several modification kits for the interior, the equipment bay and the spacewalkers during the EVA on the way back to Earth. Additional details have been added using styrene and … Read more Apollo 17