Peter Batenburg Msc. is a passionate space engineer who is not only active in the space industry as System Engineer or Project Manager but also deeply cares about the promotion of space and spaceflight in general and human spaceflight in particular.

Event organisation

Peter has been involved in the space sector in various volunteering activities including:

Peter has a fair share of experience in organising small to medium size space related events. Like for his system engineering and project management work, he wants to make sure activities are well organised and prepared, not hesitating to consider all the details.

He is eager to help you with setting up small space related events and support your larger space related event for detailed preparation and utilising his connections in his space sector network.

If you are interested or have or question about the event support services , contact HQspace via or via LinkedIn.


Besides event organisation Peter is also available for lectures and workshops to share his experience in and knowledge of the area of human spaceflight in the following topics:

  • Human Spaceflight
  • Apollo Programme
  • Space Race
  • Space Shuttle
  • International Space Station
  • Human Spaceflight Operations
  • Manned Moon and Mars Missions

If you are interested in a lecture or workshop on space-related topic please contact Peter via or via LinkedIn.

Lecture Portfolio

Overview of previous lectures and workshops:

  • ‘Night of the soft landing reliving the Apollo 11 landing’ – 20 July 2019 Nijmegen
  • ‘Human Exploration of Space – The Marvel of Apollo and the challenge for the future ‘ –
    • NVR-VSV Leonardo da Vinci mini-symposium – May 2019
    • FISO – 17 July-2019
  • ‘Mercury and Gemin Programme’ – April 2019, Nationaal Ruimtevaart Museum
  • ’20 years of ISS’ – November 2018, Nationaal Ruimtevaart Museum
  • ‘Moon vs Mars’ – March 2016, Nationaal Ruimtevaart Museum

Space History Posters

An image can say more than a thousand words. To capture the thousands of thousands of words in the many history books you can now find on space history Peter has started to create posters that provide an overview of the exciting history of spaceflight.

Check out the posters on the dedicated page: Space History Posters