Building models of spacecraft and launchers has been a life long hobby for me. And like for my work, I also strive for high quality and detailed models of spacecraft and launchers. While mostly based on a model kit available in your regular hobby-shop, I challenge my self to add as much detail as possible to get as close as possible to the reality. Have a look at my Blog for the latest projects.

While I enjoy being able to watch the models myself I also like the public to enjoy them. My space models are therefore available for temporary display in museums or exhibitions.

If you would like to display space models at your event, don’t hesitate to contact me at to discuss the possibilities and what models are available for display at exhibitions.

Although I consider space model kit building as a hobby for myself, it is possible to build or customise a detailed space model on request. Please contact me at if you like to discuss the possibilities.


Have a look at the galleries to get an impression of the space model collection and how they can be displayed at exhibitions. On my Blog you can see the latest model building projects.


VSV Symposium ‘Red Destination’ – March 10th 2020

‘Around the Moon’ Exposition in Round Tower of Copenhagen October 5th to November 3rd 2019

picture by Henrik Wagner

‘Geef speelgoed de ruimte’ (give toys some space) exhibition in Oosterhout

Space Models

STS-122/1E – Space Shuttle Atlantis with the European ISS Module Columbus