Peter Batenburg Msc.

I am an experienced Space Systems Engineer and Project Manager with over 8 years of experience in the Space sector at larger and smaller industries. My enthusiasm for space and spaceflight goes back to the age 4 when I got my first space shuttle model. It has not only been a driver for my study and career but also for my extra-curricular activities and hobbies.

My workstyle is best summarized as:

  • Thorough, structured, detailed and analytical approach to organisation and problem solving
  • Intrinsic drive to improve quality and efficiency and creating sustainable solutions to problem
  • Fast learning and understanding of physics and technical matters/issues
  • Assuring proper planning and documentation for a ‘first time right’ approach
  • Entrepreneurial, always eager to pick up tasks and pursue improvements

My strongest assets are my organisational skills and engineering insights on the overlapping fields of Project Management, System Engineering and Product Assurance. My experience is mostly gained in and best applied to end phase C, Phase D and E project phases where structured and well planned execution of the design completion, manufacturing and testing is needed.

Work Experience

Liaison Officer Space for LDE universities and NL Space Campus – 11/2020 – present

Facilitating and supporting collaboration between Leiden Delft Erasmus Universities in the domain of space for education and research programmes.

Concurrent Design Engineer – RHEA Group, Leiden – 10/2019 – 03/2020

Concurrent Design study preperation and Concurrent Design Training and Certification planning.

Project Manager, System Engineer & Product Assurance – Hyperion Technologies, Delft – 2/2019 – 10/2019

SPEXone ICU Production and Validation planning and coordination. Activities, among others, include:

  • Requirement validation planning,
  • EM and FM hardware production planning,
  • Assembly and test campaign preparation,
  • Validation test campaign planning and execution,
  • Team planning and coordination.

Project Manager & System Engineer – APP ArianeGroup, Klundert – 5/2017 – 12/2018

Future rocket engine ignition technology and new business development. Activities, among others, include:

  • Requirements and interface definition and consolidation,
  • Test hardware production,
  • Assembly and test campaign preparation,
  • Validation test campaign planning and execution,
  • Team planning and coordination.

Technical Consultant – ADSE, Hoofddorp – 2/2016 – 4/2017

Consultant for Systems Engineering, Project Management, Configuration Management. Projects include:

  • Verification and validation planning for new rolling stock,
  • Leading a bid team,
  • Development of MBSE strategy and data management Policy
  • Configuration Management training.

Internal projects – Airbus D&S GmbH Bremen, Leiden – 7/2015 – 1/2016

Proposal writing for satellite operator bid. Future manned spaceflight commercial business case development and co-writer. Increment Engineer for ESA ISS operations.

Increment Integration Team – Airbus D&S GmbH Bremen, Leiden – 3/2014 – 6/2015

Managing and controlling international and multi-disciplinary teams for ISS experiment development and mission preparation. Tasks included:

  • ISS flight operations preparation and certification
  • Mission and Payload requirements management
  • Flight preparation schedule creation, maintenance and optimisation,
  • Risk and opportunity management,
  • Progress monitoring and control,
  • Customer relations.

Columbus Data Management System Operations Engineer, COLEST and Operation Data File author – EADS Astrium, Bremen Germany – 5/2010 – 2/2014

Coordination of international and multiple entity teams for anomaly resolution for the ISS Columbus module. Ground and crew procedure authoring and validation. On-board software update preparation, testing and execution. Activities included:

  • Flight procedure development, validation
  • Close collaboration with Product Assurance and Safety Officer for proper and safe implementation of anomaly resolution
  • Flight procedure and Software update validation test planning and execution
  • Anomaly analysis and resolution, both short term (work arounds) and long term sustainable solutions

Assistant system engineer for TRIPLELUX experiment – internship at EADS Astrium, Friedrichshafen Germany – 11/2007 – 3/2008

Designing an experiment for Biolab for the ISS Columbus module. C/D phase.


2017 (January)              Prince2 Foundation course & certification

2016 – 2017                  Project Management Masterclass & IPMA D (C theory) certification

2016                             Systems Thinking; holistic system designing at enterprise level

2014 – 2015                   Airbus D&S Project Management Fundamentals (PMF) & Advanced (PMA)

Airbus Defence and Space training by 3DSE and IPMC based on PMI and ECSS Project Management standards

2011-2015                     Various Airbus company courses

  • 2015     People Management and Communication
  • 2015     Advanced Negotiations and Persuasion
  • 2014     Leading without management function
  • 2014     Multicultural Awareness
  • 2013     System Engineering and Product Assurance at EADS Astrium Bremen
  • 2011     Management of meetings & Management of virtual meetings

8/2010 – 9/2011            Certification for Columbus Engineering Support Team (COLEST) position for the Columbus Flight Control Team at Columbus Control

8/2001 – 1/2010            Aerospace Engineering, Delft University of Technology (TU Delft)

  • Bachelor of Science:     General Aerospace Engineering
  • Master of Science:        Space Systems Engineering track
  • Master thesis:   Reflection seismology for planetary geology

Other activities

06/2016 – present         Board member Netherlands Space Society (NVR)

04/2017 – present         Member of organising Committee and mentor for the Young Professional workshop for the International Project and Programme Management Committee of the International Astronautical Federation (IAF) Mentoring groups working on developments in Space 4.0, Model Based System Engineering and Agile Project Management

06/2016 – 10/2016        Leading International Team for a study of advancement in Space PM

09/2015 – present         Member of Human Spaceflight committee and Space Societies Committee of the International Astronautical Federation (IAF)

06/2015 – present         Chair of Activity Committee member NVR (Netherlands Space Society)

06/2013 – 02/2018        National Point of Contact for Space Generation Advisory Council

10/2011 – 12/2018        Editorial staff member for the magazine “Ruimtevaart” (Spaceflight)

09/2005 – 11/2007        President of the Delft Student Sports Federation (DSSF)

10/1999 – 06/2001        Co-administration council member and Student council member


  • P.A.W. Batenburg, Results and Recommendations of a Moon and Mars Human Exploration Readiness Gap Analysis and Roadmap Comparison, IAC 2016 Guadalajara Mexico.
  • P.A.W. Batenburg, L. Vicinanza, G. Morzuch, Evolution of the Columbus Anomaly Resolution Process and Tools; Adapting to operational Experiences and Needs, IAC 2014 Toronto Canada.
  • P.A.W. Batenburg, D. Arndt, H. Himmelskamp, Evolution of the Data Management System of the European Columbus Module: Improving and Adapting for Future Needs, IAC 2014 Toronto Canada.
  • Various publications in “Ruimtevaart” (Spaceflight) magazine of NVR (2010 – present).
  • P.A.W Batenburg, E.K.A. Gill, G.G. Drijkoningen, G. Toxopeus, Concept Selection for a Planetary Reflection-Seismology System with Multiple End-user Requirements and Mission Constraints. IAC 2010 Prague Czech Republic.
  • P.A.W. Batenburg, E.K.A. Gill, G.G. Drijkoningen, B.H. Foing, G. Toxopeus, Reflection seismology system for planetary geology, a feasibility study. IAC 2009 Deajeon South Korea.
  • P.A.W. Batenburg and other, ARGO, The advanced orbital propulsion module for future small satellite missions. Delft, 2005. Internal publication Faculty of Aerospace Engineering, TU Delft.

Organised events and promotion activities

  • Discover your Space; annual networking event for students with ~20 companies and 250 participants
  • Articles and presentations in magazine and conferences
  • Congress participation and marketing business planning
  • Company visits for the NVR within the Netherlands and abroad
  • 50 years of manned lunar landing celebrations